can justin get his shit together


it’s the second day and i already have a lesson in geography to learn and an essay in english to write umm

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Beauty is the enemy . We try to conquer not feeling beautiful all our lives. It’s a battle that can’t be won. There’s no definition of beauty. The only way to achieve beauty is to feel it from inside without breaking down into individual physical attributes.



do you ever wanna listen to music but every song is just not the right song

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life goal: go shopping and never look at the price tag.

Anonymous: Can a girl cum without the help of a guy?

Yeah wtf y’all ain’t that special



i refuse to believe that this is real



this website is so toxic 

With a taste of your lips I’m on a ride


"The hard thing is, if you are not strong enough, they will make you what they want you to be; and you won’t grow up to be who you are supported to be." - Miley Ray Cyrus

Just bc school started doesnt mean ill stop bein a hoe


it sucks when you have a bad teacher for a subject you’re genuinely interested in

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